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Computer Aided Tissue Engineering (CATE)
System-Solution for manufacturing of customised three dimensional tissue scaffolds / patient specific implants with defined external shape and internal architecture (three dimensional distribution of porosity and material) from multiple biomaterials based on 3D-dispensing.
Technology platform 3-axis dispensing system with automatic tool changing functionality
High temperature dispense head (RT - 230°C) for medium to high viscous biomaterials like silicones, slurries, thermoplastic biopolymers etc.
Low temperature dispense head (RT; 2°C - 45°C) for low to medium viscous biomaterials like hydrogels, silicones etc.
Temperature controlled dispense platform (RT; 2°C - 45°C; RT - 100°C)
2 1/2 D CAD/CAM-software for
    import of 3D-files (STL) of the tissue scaffold / implant
    definition of the internal architecture (three dimensional distribution of the interconnective porosity and the materials)
    calculation of the dispensing path
    Generation of the NC-code for dispense system control
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