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System Engineering / Biomedical Engineering
As a creative generalist I have specialised on System Engineering – working on multidisciplinary, complex systems, especially in the biomedical field. I use my traditional engineering expertise to analyze and solve problems in biology and medicine by applying advanced technology, providing an overall enhancement of health care. The tasks are diverse: from designing instruments, devices, and software, to bringing together knowledge from many technical sources to develop new processes / systems.
1. Investigation for possible (partial) solutions from the „inside“ and „outside“.
2. Effective selection and consolidation of core competencies / core components.
3. Integration of core competencies / core components into an interdisciplinary (sys)team / system by creating a consensus between partners and matching of component interfaces.
4. Realisation of the system from concept to product by application of components and adaptation of their interfaces.
5. Implement, monitor and encourage efficient completion of tasks within project teams by providing continuous focus, motivation and inspiration.
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