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Business Conditions
Those who choose me, choose for change and innovation.
I propagate the approach of open innovation under the integration and use of internal and external information, know how and competences.
I can also apply closed innovation when you want to focus solely on your internal potential.
I consider the possibilities of changing the organisational structure, the product, the process, the technology, the procedure or the development of new applications / markets.
I work exclusively on a project orientated basis, both nationally and internationally.
The duration of the projects is typically from 2 – 6 months.
The project price is determined by my work on the project (fixed) and the expected added value (commission – performance related / variable) plus a budget for expenditures (software, studies, enquiries etc.) and travel expenses (Business Class).
The fixed salary is paid upfront in monthly rates. Budget and travel expenses are invoiced regularly. The commission is due within one month after project termination.
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